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Chrome: Who does my chrome plating:
« on: June 10, 2010, 10:22:23 AM »
Need your Bridgestone chromed?

Chrome is a big expensive word, it’s a world where quality and price differs as much as night and day.
I recommend you first read my section on chrome plating in general, linked below;

During the restoration of my 350GTR on the GALLERY section, we used three different Plating shops. Three of which I will list below, giving reasons we used them.  A fourth shop was used, they did poor work so I am not listing them.

Fuel tank chrome and painting:
Having a fuel tank restored is a big expensive job, I feel it is best to entrust one shop to do the complete job. This way one company cannot say that other did something wrong.  For our 350 GTR fuel tank, we used Scott’s Custom Body, he coordinated the chrome himself.  
Scott’s workman ship is one of the best.  We sent him a restorable tank, he sent back a much better than new tank, Excellent. Contact information below:

Scott"s Custom Body
4112 Conroe St
Manitowoc WI  54220
Ask for Scott

Thin easy damaged parts:
Mufflers and all thin parts, we used Brown’s Plating; this shop does some of the best work in the country. They are fast and supply excellent service and shipping.  However they are very expensive.  But the old saying “you get what you pay for” is well said, concerning Browns.  Turn around time was only 1 week. Contact information below:

Brown Plating Service
1010 Krebs Station Road
Paducah KY 42003
Ask for Ronnie

Heavy steel parts:
Rims and other thick steel parts were shipped to Shelbyville Plating; this shop does nice work at reasonable prices.  You must pack the parts well and ask them to save your packing to return the parts.  This is a nice general chrome shop for heavier pieces, they do not use as many plating steps, therefore the parts need to be thicker, so they can buff out the rust pits.  The returned parts were very nice, much better than original Bridgestone chrome. We did send them a couple of headlight shells that were not too heavily rusted; they did an excellent job, even on these thin items. Turn around time was about 5 weeks. Contact information below:

Shelbyville Plating
1010 Saint Joseph
Shelbyville IN  46176
Ask for Mike

To sum it up, we found three great shops to do restoration work on your Bridgestone, We were happy with their workmanship and business practices.
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