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What oil to use in oil injection or premix
« on: April 27, 2009, 01:04:10 PM »
I  have run and heard from many BS owners about Bel-Ray, Klotz, Yamalube,  Full Bore and many other oils
for use in different Bridgestones

I prefer Bel-ray or Klotz as they both run so clean, but they are expensive however I feel
our bikes are worth it.  These are modern synthetics that really improve the operation of
our Bridgestones, run clean, smoke very little, makes internal engine parts run clean and last longer.

As for the mineral oil we feel YamaLube is good ,  all mineral oils are cheap ,but smoke much more, than
the synthetics above,  Full Bore is a relic from the past, if I wanted to use a cheap oil, then I would use YamaLube

If you are mixing the oil for a machine without oil injection, I would use the synthetics
at 40 to 1 and use the mineral oil (Yamalube) at 20 to 1.

Over all I think the synthetics are by far the best, just be sure to buy the one made for 2 cycle  oil injections systems,
 snowmobile or ATV types seem fine.

UPDATE June 7 2010
Member: Steve Reed reported that the brand Motul has excellent two cycle oils, that he has been using for years
Member:  Dave K  reports that he is using YAMALUBE with excellent results
Member:  Gonzo reports that Caltex Revtex Super 2T, which is a premium semi-synthetic oil, works well in Bridgestones

Just my two cents worth

Richard Clark
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