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My 67' 175DT umm I mean 67' 200S...
« on: April 25, 2009, 12:55:57 PM »
200S you say? Yup, 200 single. ;D No BS lump though as I wanted something newer and with parts readily available and with a huge aftermarket. So asking around I decided on a 200cc from a Yamaha Blaster. Yeah the Blaster is a four wheeler but the engine was also in a short run MX bike, the IT200. The mounts are all within a few inches of each other so nothing too hard fab up for mount brackets. The only big hurdle is the downtube and exhaust tube collided. So I'm getting a donut in simplier term, machined from solid steel. Which the exhaust will run though in place of a section of the downtube.
    Now I bet your all throwing your arms up and screaming how could I do this. Well the bike only cost me 100 but it was far from being restored to it's original condition. Not to mention I like stripped down road race look so it already had that going for it. The rear frame section was hacked up and the frame was pretty much bare when I got it. The tank was severely....modded to say the least. It had a fiberglass Norton Manx seat that it came with which is a tad too big for it's britches. The engine was locked(though I eventually freed up), cracked jug, two scored pistons, a few pieces of wiring that were basically just there. Not connected to anything but just there. lol. The only good things about it was that it had a title, wheels in decent shape, frame with very little rust and it rolled! Oh and good headlight bucket and headlight.
   Well here is how she looked when I picked her up. She's a beaut huh?

    This is how she looks now. Wiring all completely gone, frame pretty much cleaned up after knocking off years of old oil, mud, and god know what else.

The lower rear mount I can actually put the bolt through so that's one down out of three. Just need to make some spacers so that leaves me for the upper rear that I'll just basically make like a shackle for a leaf spring. Then loose about 1/4 of material from the case on the rear upper mount as touching the swingarm right now. The front I should actually be able to use the stock mounts and just redill it for the engine mount. The throttle and clutch cable just slide right in to the stock levers so no hassles with that. I could of used the Blaster's clutch lever but it actually uses a thumb trigger instead of a twist throttle. They do make kits for it though. I just used what I have and everything worked in unison. Now just to put the engine together as it's just the cases, jug and head to mock things up. This upcoming week I'm picking up a new gasket kit, sealant, bolt kit and a new piston for the engine. I picked it up cheap cause it needed a new piston and to be bored out as the running engines for these still fetch 4-700 bucks for just the engine alone. I scored everything, engine, carb, exhaust, harness, cdi, coil, cables for just 200 locally. A new piston and rebore should cost me under 100. I think I should have this up and running before the end of next month and on the road. The whole bike I want to resemble the old Yamaha TD2-3 racers. I may just use tank until I find something along the breadbox style tank but I'll pick up a TD3 seat from Glass from the past though.



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