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Help! GTR Clutch problem
« on: April 19, 2009, 11:29:48 AM »
I have a GTR Ser. #21T01837 with a clutch hub problem. The special plate is rubbing against the hub and has overheated and has 3 broken friction plates. I looks like someone may have installed the wrong special plate. (You can see the wear on the plate & hub in the picture.) It turns with the basket / against the hub when the clutch is released.
I have been looking at the Service letter.
I have the field mod. #2 unfortunately the pictures are very bad. It looks like the special plate I have may be from the Field mod. #3. Does anyone know about these mods. and and if the special plate from mod. #2 (2216-9010) Mounts and turns with the hub?
Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance: Tony O.

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Re: Help! GTR Clutch problem
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2009, 09:29:05 AM »

BS and Rockford offered many clutch upgrades for the 350 models, these are not interchangeable
with each other. You perhaps have "mixed" up parts.  That one plate with the ridge was soon changed
to another "thick" plate with out the ridge, perhaps this is what you need. I do have them in stock.

There is a large combinations of different  Hubs, pressure plates, inner plates, special plates, with some
versions using different numbers of friction plates too.

Most attempts centered around trying the make the clutch quieter, in reality they created major problems
for owners, with the many "upgrades"

I will try to do an "Article" on this topic and post it as reference

Hope this helps
Richard Clark
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