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Title: 175 Points & Condenser Wiring
Post by: hankgood on May 29, 2019, 08:51:54 PM
I have installed new points & condensers and started the timing procedure but looks like I have something wired incorrectly. Going by what I took off (it was a mess) I have the black & white coil leads going to the condensers then a second jumper from the condensers to the points.

When I setup the meter to check the timing i'm am getting continuity to everything. When I dismount the condenser from the frame there is no continuity from the soldered connector to the casing - installed there is.

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: 175 Points & Condenser Wiring
Post by: hankgood on June 04, 2019, 08:12:15 PM
I used the continuity setting on a multimeter and found when I unplugged the Black and White wires at the harness the meter accurately signaled the open and closing of the points.

On the upside, she ran much better with new points, condensers and a fresh timing adjustment.

On the downside, she started running like a dog after about five miles. Got her home and started troubleshooting and knew it had to be one of the new condensers, so I put the old one back in. No change - so I figure maybe a coil gave up or a plug. Thought maybe I should check the plugs for spark and the left side was dead as a hammer - no spark. Then a moment of clarity hit me and I pulled the side pan and dang if the white wire wasn't loose in the connector. Plugged it back in and now she's back.