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Title: Brian McDonough
Post by: vinny g on February 21, 2018, 03:08:49 PM
Sad news from the UK I'm afraid. Brian sadly passed away Monday morning. He will be more known to UK members, I guess, but had Bridgestone friends around the world.

I first met him some 20 years ago when he kept asking me to build a 200 engine for a bike he'd unearthed. This coincided with me building the first of my 200 racers so it worked just fine. He spent much time scouring the USA in pre internet days buying up NOS which he then shipped back, somehow, as hand luggage...luggage that would involve me having to meet him at the airport with a van there was that much of it. Together we restored almost 60 Bridgestones back to concours condition and ended up with pretty much one of each model/capacity...from 50 through to 350...and including Taka, Rockford and SR models. Brian thinned the collection out some 5 years ago after a health scare but was enormously proud of his collection that we guessed was probably the largest collection of restored Bridgestones in the world. Anyway, I thought it best that those that knew him know. I'll miss him, for sure.
Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: rwgibbon on February 21, 2018, 07:47:39 PM
Very sorry to hear about Brian.

I have bought many parts and received a lot
of great advice from Brian over the years.


Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: OldSwartout on February 21, 2018, 08:57:20 PM
Sad news.  I communicated and dealt with Brian a few times over the years.  He was very helpful. He was active for many years in the Yahoo Bridgestone Group.

I'll post the news on the Yahoo group.
Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: RayK on February 22, 2018, 12:35:18 AM
Very sad news, I have also bought parts from Brian. As we are inclined to say here in Oz 'he was a top bloke'.
I hope his bikes are kept together as a collection, either with a collector or in a motorcycle museum.
Vale Brian

Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: CL-100 on February 22, 2018, 06:33:42 AM
I also was fortunate to purchase some hard to find Bridgestone parts from Brian a few years back.  A class act and a pleasure to converse with. 

Best wishes to his family.

Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: bsracer on February 22, 2018, 12:11:06 PM
Sad news. RIP Brian. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: BRT-GTR on February 23, 2018, 12:41:10 PM
       Very sorry to hear of Brian's passing.          Like many here, I bought parts from him over the years.
     A sad loss for the UK Bridgestone community. 
 I agree, would be a fitting tribute if his remaining collection could be kept together.           Brian.
Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: steve on February 28, 2018, 11:01:00 AM
I'm a bit late here but very sorry to hear about thoughts go out to his family.

I know that Brian hasn't been very active at the Stafford Show for a good few years now, but going back to the mid to late nineties, he and a couple of others would bring along some very rare Japanese bikes (Marusho, Lilac, 1950s Hondas, etc), beautifully restored (I assume by Vince G), under the name 'Shrivenham Motorcycle Club'. One or more bikes would usually be awarded one of the top prizes and quite rightly was always a superb stand and something I would look forward to seeing each year.

Title: Re: Brian McDonough
Post by: bert Lilley on May 10, 2018, 02:52:49 PM
Truly shocked, Brian and i exchanged Parts and idea,s Great guy to deal with Vinny sorry to be soo late in responding Sad Day.
Bert Lilley, Ontario Canada