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Jay Leno Wants a GTR


Start watching the video around the 9:30 mark and you'll hear these 3 things......

1) Jay thinks the 350 gas tank is the second prettiest motorcycle tank.
2) Jay wants to get his hands on a 350GTR.
3) Jay helps to continue the flawed myth of Bridgestone's exit from building motorcycles.

             Good find Mike, cheers for posting.
    Have to agree  about the tank shape - beautiful arrowhead, despite some thinking it's fitted backwards  ::) . Must be in the name, they're both BSs's !!

      Please form an orderly queue and add your name to list below if you wish to your beloved GTR to be considered for sale to JL at the current going rate of $50,000.  Be a tough call  ::) :o ;D
                                Brian T.


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