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BS wins Daytona 1966

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Jeff McBrayer:
Bridgestone at Daytona 1966   

I got a  email from someone (I am not going to slam anyone) claiming to own this video, I got this
video directly from YOU TUBE which is free to the public, its YOU TUBE address is

If the owner removes it from you tube, it will will leave here too, as the above is directly linked from you tube.  Even the video
displays YOU TUBE. You can remove the you tube  on the you tube sections called "Report profile image violation"

I am sorry to find out the BS world is so touchy  as this person wanted this video removed NOW

We can only thank whoever placed this footage on you tube. This is exactly the kind of stuff I think everybody loves to see. And thanks to you for posting it Jeff. Mark.

Bridgestone Man:
Mark I am with you, its a shame, "someone" wanted it removed, it a great clip, just what folks want to see.  I am a moderator
on this board, I see nothing wrong with the video, since the link is directly from "you tube" which is in the free domain to the public

Sam Keys

Dont want to pull up old topics, but this is sweet! Im glad that this is still up today!!
I watch a lot of motogp, and its amazing how much it has changed over the years.

Thanks for bringing this back up, i had not watched it lately. Hard to believe its almost 50 years old. I think Dwaine Williams, the rider of Bridgestone # 155, raced  the machine in  AAMRR  races also.  I think Mr Williams died a few years ago.


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