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Bridgestone 175 Roadracer at 2009 Indy Show


My Bridgestone 175 road racer about halfway through the video:

Jeff Bar:

Great video, thanks for posting it, bike looks neat, is that the one you race today?  Jeff

Thanks for sharing this video. where was the show? Is there one scheduled for 2011?

Yes, that's the bike I currently race.  The show is the Indy Motorcycle Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  This year's show is February 25-27 in the Exposition Hall.  It is the last weekend of the Boat, Sport & Travel show.  Most of the bike show is pretty typical; lots of vendors, plenty of customs to look at, and a pretty wide variety of new bike dealers showing their stuff.  Somewhat Harley/Cruiser oriented, but not too bad.  The rest of the Boat, Sport & Travel show is worth a couple hours also, if only to be amazed at the prices and size of some of the boats on display.


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