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shippers for car doors?


old smokey:
Not even related to motorcycles, but my brother is going to have an '85 Mustang GT restored and the doors aren't the greatest for starting with. They could be done, but might be cheaper to start with better used ones. I am in the Phoenix AZ area and might have a lead for better rust-free doors. The question is how to have them shipped to Indiana from Arizona without paying more than the work required on the original doors?

You might check with the bus lines, I remember fellow Z-car club members shipping things like fenders, doors, etc. and commenting on how cheap it was compared to other methods.

old smokey:
Thanks for that thought Moonpup.
I don't care if it takes a couple weeks for them to reach the destination, I just don't want to see any damage incurred and the purchase price plus shipping shouldn't be more than a complete rebuild of the original doors.


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