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« on: February 24, 2022, 03:28:34 PM »
Hi, All,
I also go by Steve. Have been absent from this forum for a number of years after putting the 350 GTR in mothballs. About to bring her out now and get her running a lot better than when she last fired up. I’ve been looking after my other bikes in the meantime, a Honda CB 750 and CB 550, both from 1975. Those are both in very good condition and don’t need much looking after.

My plan for the Bridgestone is to get it running well (assuming I can) then get the bike titled and move to the next step, some degree of restoration. The bike is 95% intact. Cosmetic issues are pitted / wrinkled chrome on tank and pipes and a missing side stand. Will likely find other issues after digging in deeper. I remember there’s bit of an oil leak where the cases come together.

So, I will start with cleaning up what rust there is in the bottom of the tank; it’s not too bad but needs a good Evaporust treatment. Then a top to bottom tune up.  Before I try turning it over, a couple easy questions, if you don’t mind.

1) I need to replace the fuel lines. Years ago I Gerry rigged lines using vinyl tube. Are fuel lines for the bike somehow special? When I looked into it before, I couldn’t find hose with proper interior diameter that would fit through the hole in the carb cover.

2) Another issue is the “peep hole”. I have the plastic part and will put it back in. Question is, how to do this so it stays in place. Adhesive? If so, what kind? I don’t think a press fit will keep it in place.

3) Lastly, will need a petcock rebuild kit. The rubber parts are rock hard and gas was leaking out when last used. I’ll likely order those from Richard.

Good to be back. I’m sure I’ll have many questions as I work toward getting her back on the road.



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