Author Topic: New to the world of Bridgestone & Restoring a “Ram Jet” 100cc Minibike!  (Read 4112 times)

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New to the world of Bridgestone & Restoring a “Ram Jet” 100cc Minibike!

Hows every one? My name is Mike I live in Methuen Massachusetts and have restored many vintage bikes over the years.

I always seem to search out the real odd ball bikes that where made in limited numbers or just not imported into the USA but this one just happened to get through kind of bikes.

My latest Project is a 1960's Minico Corporation “Ram Jet” powered by a Bridgestone Non oil-injected  100cc motor Mini Bike.

From the limited information I could find these where Bridgestone Race engines and produced in limited number.

The only reason I believe they found their way onto a production bike was for the sole purpose of using the engine in the racing field.

Again I'm not positive on this but I did find an article where the company used the 100cc non-oil-injected motors on a factory race bike raced at the Isle of Man. One of the requirements for factory racers to race at this venue where for a number of bikes to be offered to the public with that motor.

So here I go once again down the hair loss road of trying to restore an almost no parts source bike, But it sure will be fun.

Please fallow my build as I post up PICs and try to record all the fun I'm having, and please feel free to send helpful info along as well.

Methuen, MA

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Mike:  Please post some photos as I think the Ram Jets are way cool

Jeff Bar

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VW  There are some photos of RamJets on this site, we would like to see yours too ;D

Sam Keys


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Hi Mike,
do you still have Ram Jet bike? I'm looking to restore one myself. As you pointed out, there is no information.

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Re: New to the world of Bridgestone & Restoring a “Ram Jet” 100cc Minibike!
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2022, 12:04:25 PM »
New to the forum, love the fact it exists! 

My Minico was Purchased by my Father for us "Boys" about 1972. I came from Fox Company (now lemans) in Edgerton WI.

It was simply barn stored many years ago, has about 2000 miles on it. Its pretty complete, just needs to be drawn out of its comma. Looking for a source of typical parts and information.  Found a head gasket on ebay (I Hope) but still need Piston ring , cables, Motor gasket set cables and on and on.   

Its been cleaned up and it presentable, so this is a mechanical restoration not cosmetic. In truth always prefer original over restored.

Shout back if you know ANYTHING about this minico ramJet 100.





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