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Carbs and sprockets
« on: November 16, 2021, 01:06:19 PM »
Hi Folks,

Getting closer to finishing the work on the GTR. 

The carb work have been a bit challenging; got the bushings installed that Karl so kindly sent me, but it seems the 2 surfaces where the float bowls and carb bodies meet are warped such that whilst using a surface plate will take out the unevenness on the bowl surface, the surfaces of the carb bodies are warped such that the leaking cannot be stopped unless i fit 2 gaskets per bowl which brings things to a very slight weep.  That and the one carb's mounting screw can barely be tightened without causing the slide to stick in the wide open position.  Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

The other thing is that i would like to use a 40t rear sprocket or a 14t on the countershaft sprocket but to date have been unable to find a source for either.  If anyone can share a source i might try, i'd appreciate it.

Will keep you posted on when the GTR is back on the road!



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