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Repro Seat Covers Source for BS 50 (Step-Thru) Homers
« on: May 30, 2016, 06:03:38 PM »
To all owners of all years of BS50 Homers:
There is now a source on eBay for decent-looking reproduction replacement seat covers for  BS 50 Homers.*
I provided my complete, original seat cover to this seller to use for a pattern and he sent me 2 reproduction ones... They appear very accurately made and have the correct size and letter design word "BRIDGESTONE" on the rear panel of the seat cover in white lettering. I believe they are made in Viet Nam. The workmanship looks good...
I don't know the price the  eBay seller is selling them for, but since they are not available ANYWHERE else, Richard Clark gave me the OK a while back to post this message. I do not think the seller has actually added them to his eBay store ad yet, but his contact store name there is "hondamotorcyclepart"  I think..
Since I was happy with the quality of the Homer seat cover work, I have also sent him an original BS7 Surfrider seat cover and he is using it to make a correct pattern to begin making  decent looking-fitting reproduction seat covers to sell before too much longer in his eBay store... The seat cover for the Surfrider is slightly different than the Homer seat cover and will be made accordingly...
No one else sells those 2  models of seat covers currently, either, that I am aware of... 
Hope this is helpful for all of the Bridgestone owners who have been frustrated by restoring their Bridgestone 50 Homer or Surfrider and not having a decent looking seat cover that was close to the original in appearance and quality...
Thanks for listening and "Happy Bridgestoning"
Dale in Washington State   

 ( *Fits the BS50 Homer forced air-cooled engine with leg shields , the BS7 50cc Surfrider  repro seat cover will not be available for a few months, according to the seller...)
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