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need help with BS 90 year and model identification
« on: January 07, 2009, 06:16:19 PM »
Hi, I recently purchased a BS 90 which I believe is a 1964.The plate on the frame reads 12H022627,the engine number is 12H022766,and stamped near the headstock is KH025794.From what I gather the "H" on the frameplate would signify that it was made in August in an even year and the production number of "22627" is less than "36928" produced in February 1965 which seems to lead to 1964.Does this seem correct to you? In the article by Graham Weeks "Bridgestone Frame and Engine Serial Numbers" a 12 would be either a DeLuxe,Trail, or Mountaineer,but recently I have seen a picture on the VIR website gallery where a bike is listed as a 1964 Standard 2. I have also read about a Standard in a Bridgestone motorcycle repair manual.My bike looks identical to the photo of this " Standard 2" except for the condition.It has a black front fender that curves up a bit at the bottom, an enclosed chain,and no oil injection.I would appreciate any comments on the date and whether the bike goes by BS 90,BS 90 DeLuxe,or BS 90 Standard 2.Thanks for the help DaveL



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