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Title: BS90 Deluxe fuel tank options
Post by: hardy on February 05, 2021, 05:10:14 AM
Hey Guys,

18 months or more (pre-COVID days are a blur these days) fellow member RayK put me onto a lead for a BS90 oil injection deluxe going at the right price, so I grabbed it. At the same time a trail came up for also the right price.

So as the title states, I need some information on fuel tanks. It is the later rounder tank. Both tanks I have are rusted out with one missing the side! Are there any other models other than the 90 which are the same size/shape and will work? I am starting to collect parts for a future resto.

Better still, on the off chance, does anyone have one hey are willing to part with?

I look forward to hearing from members on types of tanks!

Title: Re: BS90 Deluxe fuel tank options
Post by: OldSwartout on February 05, 2021, 09:37:12 AM
I'm not particularly knowledgeable on 90/100s, but check out some of the sales brochures in the downloads section for images of several 90/100 models. You can also check the 90/100 parts books to see which models use the same part number tanks.

Some experts will hopefully chime in here with some good info.