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Title: engine gear alignment
Post by: disc valve on August 19, 2020, 04:08:08 PM
hi everyone
rebuilding a GTR that's been got at and bits are missing and wrong parts used ,so its taking some working out.firstly my clutch driven gear assy makes quite a racket when turning over using the kick starter or socket on crank nut is this normal it comes from the gene gear when disengaged theres no noise.theres slight backlash on the gears which seems good..the clutch driven gear,crank gear and gene timing gear don't quite line up.what thickness should the thrust washer 09048-116 be without it the whole clutch will sit further back and was missing I made one guessed the thickness..the gear and key on the gene are in good condition and pretty sure its seating correctly.
I assume the clutch hub has to tighten at the end of the spline on the countershaft the contact area using the thrust washer 09048-116 seems inadequate but must be right otherwise the clutch would lock up.
someones removed the band around the clutch housing will this be a problem.
any help and advice appreciated.the kawasaki a1 and a7 have a fibre/resin gear on the end of the generater whicbh seems a good idea.
cheers David