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Hi everyone,
I was unfortunate to have a piston ring break up on my TMX 100 recently which then got jammed in the exhaust port, making a mess of the cylinder.
My question is this:
Can the piston from the 200 be used? I've noticed from the parts manuals that the rings are the same number for the 100 / 200, but the pistons have a different part number.
The part number for the 100 piston is 1341 - 5400, while the part number for the 200 is 1341 - 5410.
Does anyone know the difference between the two and can the 200 piston be used? I'm hoping so because I have one of these already.

Is the TMX cast or chrome bore cylinder?


BS Mechanic:
The stock TMX uses a cast aluminum cylinder with a hard chrome plated bore.

Not sure what the difference is between the pistons.

Don't know much about part interchangeability. But there could be slight differences. Are the wrist pens different? What about piston height / length? Are the ring grooves located in the same position relative to the  length / height of the piston? Skirt shape difference?

Old BS Guy:
To my understanding, the piston differences are in the alloy used for the different thermal expansion values existing between the chrome bore and the iron sleeve bore. The aluminum chrome bore cylinder dissipates heat much more efficiently, requiring less different piston to wall clearance as a result. The iron bore piston would require more heat to get the skirt to proper tolerance. The rings should be dimensionally the same, but different composition. I believe the iron bore uses a chrome ring, which you wouldn't ever use on a chrome bore. I haven't looked at the compression distance, (wrist pin ht.), between the 100 & 200. Bear in mind that a portion of the part number probably refences model. Richard would know for sure, but my guess is the same part could be used in multiple models, and still have multiple numbers. I've seen it in done all over the motorsports industry.



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