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Alternative parts Bridgestone
« on: March 18, 2021, 11:42:11 AM »
During the restoration of my 350GTR I looked for an alternative for various parts and I would like to share my experiences.
Most parts are for the 350, but many like bolts can also be used for other Bridgestones.

Nut crankshaft m20x1 L.H. screw thread 09029-104    Sachs K125 front sprocket nut ( ritzelmutter)
Oil seal clutch cover 47x60x7  Honda 91251-361-005
Oil seal clutch 09090-124        Suzuki 09283-22018
Handlebar   Lucas/TRW  MCL112SS
Grease nippel Kickstarter  Suzuki 08351-11009
C ring kickstarter 09004-102  Yamaha 99001-12600
Bolt kickstarter 2687-9000   Suzuki 09135-10002
Hex nut M8  wrench size 14 mm.  Honda 94030-08000
Hex bolt M8 wrench size 14mm: Lenght 10mm. Honda 92101-080100a   12mm. 92101-080120a   25mm 95201-0802500   35mm. 92025-08036   40mm.90101-08244   125mm.( chrome) 90112-001-000   170mm.90130-051-740

Hex bolt m6 chrome   6x10 Honda 92101-060100b  6x12 92101-060120b  6x16 92000-060160b  6x28 92200-0602802
Chrome nut m6 Honda94001060200s
I hope this will help you search for genuine parts, Ernie



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