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1974 Taka Restoration - Updated Youtube Link


Just completed my 8 month Taka restoration. Painted fork tube, custom paint mix, Bridgestone Battlax AX41 tires.

I will run it around a bit then take it to Norwich New York..

Paint (Tins) - PPG (color matched) with Rockford Orange with silver/pearl flake over white pearl base & 4 coats K2 clear, cut & buffed.
Frame assembly - Powder coated (Ink Black)
Engine Paint - matt 60% black
Atlas Chrome Plating - Texas
Northeast Upholstery - Oneida NY
Buchanan spokes
Chain - Drag Specialties 4/28
Hardware - Metric Motion Pro 
Bridgestone tires -
Engine - complete rebuild
Rubber - OEM/NOS Rockford

YouTube -

Thanks to all that responded to my many parts requests. Special thanks to "Moonpup" for the NOS throttle cable ..

Onto the next project ..


Very nice. Looks awesome!


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