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Taka Tire Replacement - Looking for New Tire Ideas ....


Hello again -

I'm finally in the reassembly stage of a 1974 Taka ground up restoration. As my chrome arrives, I'm needing to decide on what 18" & 19" replacement tires I'll run with. To be honest I'm not looking to replace the rear tire with a factory style "Rugged Knobby. Instead leaning toward a less aggressive tire (Dual Sport) look that will compliment a newer appearance both in paint and chrome.

I've seen a few newer restoration on the web - but wanted to reach out and ask what others doing a ground up restoration have opted for.

The picture below is not my Taka but one I found on the web. The tire package is fitting for this bike and one I'd consider.

Any suggestion on manufacturer and tire series are welcomed.   


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