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Richard Clark BS parts:
BS friends:

We will be be doing some site maintenance and upgrades over the next week or so.
Site will be unavailable from time to time

Members who have not been active or ones that have never posted will be deleted

Will be adding a new feature that I hope all will enjoy banana banana banana

Richard Clark

Deleting members that have never posted sounds a little drastic to me. Who knows, they may just be shy or the questions they have.... have already been answered.

Maybe go after the ones that haven't logged on in the past 6 months?
EDIT:That wouldn't work either, since it would delete members like Mr. Reed. Guess there are no easy answers.....

Can't wait to see what the new feature is!

 iagree with the 'pup. Some of those inactive members could be just waiting for the right opportunity to contribute some big time value. I can definitely think of some less active members I would not want to loose. If members are deleted, do their posts go with them or are they a permanent part of the site database?

I'm not that interactive, but I follow the discussions almost everyday. It's one of my favorite sites.

Bridgestone Man:
I used to help moderate, but with my work, I am gone  from site for long periods of time. 
Karl is doing a wonderful job, thanks! banana

Concerning deleting members,  we have hundreds of members who signed up years ago, who NEVER  posted
anything and NEVER come to site to visit.  There are some with 8 years of NEVER coming to site. I think these should  be deleted.

Sam Keys


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