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Site milestone Over 200 million page views


Richard Clark BS parts:
BS friends:

Your BS site was started and presented  2008

Here are some site statistics:

We have over 26000 messages posted in over 4300 topics.
The Gallery and message trains have over 10000 images, all about Bridgestone Motorcycles!
The entire site has received over  200 Million page views! as if today its 20334422.     Bridgestone motorcycles over 200 million, cool!

I want to thank all the hard working members who have taken the time to keep this
site active and friendly towards all.  Without you this site would not exist.

If you have any ideas on new additions and suggestions for the site, please contact me.

Richard Clark

Jeff McBrayer:
Happy the site is here, I really enjoy it

Jeff McBrayer

           Thanks Richard.             I'm always amazed how many guests read this site, usually over a hundred, whenever you log in.

       Keep up the good work guys,  we're putting Bridgestone motorcycles back on the world map.  Here in the UK, we've had two magazine articles on the 350s recently and more machines keep popping up where you least expect them. 
                                                                                              Brian (the Brit)


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