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First ride on racer today


Mike Anderson:
Hi All,
Got to take my first ride on the SR-100 today. Feels real nice, took a couple short videos but are too large to post. Will try to get things arranged and get them on the site. Glad it is finished.
Later Mike

Bridgestone Man:
Its neat to have one more done, can't wait till we see the videos

Hey Mike,

Glad to hear you have the SR-100 up and running, but do you like the ride better than your Taka?


I'm happy for you. I know it feels great after
getting a project finished.

Now the million dollar question, what is next?


Mike Anderson:
The Taka is still nicer to ride, not so racey much better for a ride up the gravel road to mailbox. Next project will be another GTR have all the parts for another completed and ready to assemble. Just need some spare time, a little busy right now.
Later Mike


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