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bert Lilley:
As far as i know Karl the PVL systems do/can come with a ignition curve. This one i don't know truly I bought it on Ebay and it was listed as "Sat on the shelf for years" i do hope it even works it was listed as a Yamaha 350 twin Race Ignition.
So if it work's on the RD350,RZ350 and the Banshee twins no reason it should not work on our Bridgestones.

Regardless i am proceeding forward and when i get it mounted in my #2 Engine I'll run it and observe the ignition timing with a strobe light and adjust accordingly i am for 2m BTDC.

Once its runs , i'll do up some sketches of the rascal and get them posted on this site for future Ref.

Regards Bert

I like your setup so far. I run the ARD (which is for a Banshee) ignition on my 175 at 2mm BTDC. Has run pretty flawlessly. The only problem I have is oil from the transmission makes it's way past two orings in the housing and the ignition mount keeps breaking. The new ignition I've got on the back burner will fit in the orig ignition housing and hopefully won't leak.


p.s. ironically I've taken apart a bunch a motors, mostly 200's that had RTV silicon all over the oring on the ignition housing. I'm guessing when BS went to the ignition spinning at full speed, the oring wasn't enough to retain the trans oil.

bert Lilley:
Thanks for the heads up Regarding the "O" ring mumm have to give it a good look over. I am going to install new Oil seals .
but thanks for the Info.


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