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Thank  you, Richard for hosting this site. It has been a great source of information about a brand that could have been forgotten. Best Wishes,Paul

  I Check Your Site Every Day
Not A Computer Guy
Like Mopar Cars & Bridgestone Motorcyles

  Thanks From GENE

BS Mechanic:
Richard, and all users also!

I find this the most enjoyable website I can think of.  The format is excellent, and especially the integrity of the users is most impressive.

Far too many websites of this general nature degenerate periodically into insults, name calling, and similar childish behavior. 

I have seen only respect between members here.

Thanks to all who make this work so well,

and Thank you Richard for making this forum what it is.

Bridgestone Man:
Thanks for the site.  Best motorcycle site out there.  Please do not let few get you upset with all of us.
Sam Keys

Richard Clark BS parts:
BS friends;

Thanks for all the nice messages concerning the BS site.  It's nice
to know that you appreciate it.  Yes there are some out there, that do
not, and they can be a bit noisy.  Ha ha.

But thanks again for those who  took the time to reply.

Richard Clark


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