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Richard Clark BS parts:
BS Friends:

I think the site issues have been corrected.

Our aim is to keep the site pleasant for all to use.

If you see items on site, that perhaps should not be in your BS world, please
send me an email so I can check it out.  Its impossible for us to see everything.

Lets get back to Bridgestone.

Richard Clark


Just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for your providing this site and the wealth of information it holds. I can honestly say I have met some really great and sincere people on this site. I am by no means a motorcycle expert, so the ability to come here and get information that isn't readily available elsewhere is GREATLY appreciated.


Jeff McBrayer:
Richard  Long time user of this site. Me too thanks for the site, I really enjoy it. I know there are guys out there who just do not get it.  That Bridgestone
is a very small group of guys.  Just a hobby.  Thanks for the site for all of us to use free of charge and with no
ads or banners that keep popping while you are trying to read something.  Many guys out there seem to think that this BS stuff
is big money.  I do thank you and Ray Oliver for the parts you have had made,  yes while some are a bit expensive, I know if takes
you two guys willing to let your money sit, hoping they will sell.   Always someone always bringing something to the market  then they find out the
stuff that everybody wanted never sells.  I learned that with the 350 crankshaft nuts  that I had made.  Still have 15 of them 5 years later.
I know that you have sold a few for  me, thanks again and thanks for this site a  the 350 clutch plates work well.   Jeff McBrayer

Me too ;D  i talk to folks all the time that have never heard about our bikes :o  We love our stones and fill allways try to do the best for them....  more parts..... we allways need more parts.... thats y i buy five bikes 8)  to get parts..... and we don,t want no dam OSSA ;D keep up the good work!!!!!!

Jeff Bar:
i enjoy the site a lot.  thanks for it. jeff bar


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