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Mornin SR-175 Owners,

Anyone interested in taking stock of what SR-175's are left, good, bad and ugly ?

I have made up this spread sheet mainly using Richards galley pages and the chat recently on another thread. 

If anyone cares to add their frame & engine number to this thread I will add it to the spread sheet and create a pdf to share.

later ... ray

Lets see how this works and i would like to do the same with the Bridgestone GTR AND GTO.

  Ray & Steve   Sounds Like A Good Project   Lots Of 350s & A Few 175sr   I Know The 3rd SR  I Had Went To Rudy   I Also Know Of 2 More SRs In Northern Minnesota    Im  Always Trying To Buy But Never Score   That's 5 Ive Seen   GENE

Hi Steve, Gene,

Ok, lets see how this goes and then we can expand it to other models ?... Sure what else are we doing !... haha

Need to add :
1- Gary Tomer - has two that we see on U-tube.
2- Phil Wheeler - Van Tech frame
3- Crazygreg - has one being restored from previous emails I noticed over the last year.

I am pretty sure we will not get them all as not everyone that has one will be using this site. However, it's  still worth trying.

later .. ray

Ray, Lake Hill Motors' Bike Museum has one......


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