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How to setup your member gallery


A step by step tutorial on how to add a members gallery.

Step 1: Click on the "Gallery" tab.

Step 2: Next click on the "MyGallery" tab.

Step 3: Next click on the "Add Category" link.
This will create an new category.

Step 4: Next add information about the new gallery category.

* Title: The title of the categfory
* Parent Category: there are no options here, this is the first category.
* Description: Information about what images will be contained.
* Gallery Icon Url: location of thumbnail you would like to show for this category 150 x 150 px.
* Upload Gallery Icon: Instead of option above, you can upload a 150px x 150px icon here.
* Sort by: How you would like the items in the category sorted.
* Order: Order ascending or descending by option above
Then click on "Add Category" button.

Step 5: Next click on the name of the new category to add pictures.

Step 6: Start uploading pictures

* Bulk Add Picture link: add up to 5 pictures at one time
* Add a picture: Add one picture at a time.
Optional: you may add sub categories before you start adding pictures. Example: I add this "test" category, using the "Add Sub Category" link I could add 2 more categories for "BS 350 restoration" and then one for "BS 175 restoration", and add them under the parent category "tes" then add my pictures to those 2 sub-categories (BS 350 restoration, BS 175 restoration) and not the main category (test).

Step 6: Add a picture - To add pictures one at a time.

Step 6:Bulk Add Pictures - To add up to 5 pictures at one time.


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