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Which the best Bridgestone ride?

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Jeff McBrayer:
I am new the the current Bridgestone world, I grew up with all the cycles form the late 1960's and early 1970's. I had
Yamahas, Hondas and a few British bike, all sizes from small to the "BIG" 500's !

I always like Bridgestones, as they were so good looking, all the shiny chrome and nice paint.

My question is:  Which Bridgestone is the most fun to ride on the road?  Not long rides but just something to
tinker with and ride on the back roads, I would think about a 20mile ride is as long a I am interested.

Cost is not the issue, I just something that would be dependable and FUN to ride.  I like all sizes from 50's to the 350's.
I can only have one bike, due the the fact I live in a condo with a small garage. 

What do you guys recommend?

Thanks for your help in advance

Jeff McBrayer

I like the 350 for road riding.  It has enough power to get out on the freeway.  It is tall enough to be comfortable for all size riders.  If you are shorter in tooth, you might find the 175s and 200s good also.

Bridgestone Man:
I agree with Scot, but keep in mind the 90 and 100 sports are fine little road bike too, providing you only want to ride the back roads.
They are pretty powerful (//for a 90) and will run 45mph with ease.

For outright old world charm, you may want to consider a BS7, the one with electric start is so funky it is neat, however being only a 50cc
if is pretty limited on the road.  Does anyone know that speed these tour at?

I think the HOMER 50 is best used as a meet bike. I would stay away from the Rockford's  Tora, Taka, as I do not feel the quality is there, sorry guys.

Hope this helps BSM

I would go with the Hurricane Scrambler twin, nice little bike, fun to ride, good brakes, not bad around the bends..........High pipes .....

Jeff Bar:
Are messages like this just spam or someone for real  someone thinks this is a BS tire site Jeff bar


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