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Please everyone pin your location on the MEMBER MAP. 30 members have so far!

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Richard Clark BS parts:
BS Friends:

Please everyone pin your location (or close) on the MEMBER MAP, as we are trying
to get an idea where the interest in in Bridgestones around the world.

Here is a link to the MEMBER MAP

Scroll down near bottom, to place your pin.  Must be a member and logon to view or pin your location

Questions? or need Bridgestone parts? call:

Richard Clark
812-944-1643  8am-6pm EST Weekdays

Is the Member Map not working?

I have tried this repeatedly and have not gotten my pin to stick. ???

I'd like to but the system always returns a "database error" message...

Seems the member map is no longer supported in SMF version 1.x.x. I can try upgrading the forum to 2.x, but it may break other parts of the site. I will discus with Richard and see what he wants to do.


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