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First race bike build. Never raced anything. Local ice racing scene is pretty popular up here in NW Wisconsin so I thought I might as well go for it. I have about 25 of the 175/200 bikes so I guess my mind was made up for me. I started with a bike that must have been some sort of race bike at one time but it was incomplete and the engine was sitting open for who knows how long. It did have some chambers on it and the frame had already been modified a bit.

I stripped it and cleaned up and removed some of the stuff that was on there.

I picked a 200 donor bike from the pile that seemed to have a good engine in it and started swapping in parts.

Mocking the whole thing up before I open up the engine and make a few mods. Deleting oil injection, modding the rotary valves, total loss ignition, etc.

I'll be in a class that runs 230cc max 2-strokes and 250cc max 4-strokes. Studded tires. Brakes front and rear. Have to fabricate full coverage fenders as well.

I'll be up against mostly modern off-road MX bikes only slightly modded to run on ice. More than likely I'll have my work cut out for me. Its still bound to be fun. Right?

Trying to figure out what to do for tires or possibly swapping in some different wheels. The wheels are only WM1 and they don't make actual ice tires for anything that narrow.

Any ideas or comments welcome.


  Great project,Kevin. I like the concept. You may find you surprise some of the newer bikes.  Mark.

Well  hopefully I'll get that chance to find out.

I pulled the 200 engine apart to make sure it looked ready for abuse.

I also have most of the modified 175 engine that came out of the modified chassis. Pistons are modified and it wasn't a hack job. Valves also look to be cut back slightly.

I was almost thinking about using this 175 top end on the bike since its already modified. I also like the idea of having a go at making some changes to my own pistons.

In the picture of the 200 crankshaft I see a crank seal in the middle between the two counterbalance weights. What is the condition of that thing? It seems like every two stroke I mess with has bad crank seals (or they are so petrified from old age they are getting ready to go bad). If that seal takes a crap it's doubtful the bike will run.

Has anyone on here replaced those seals? I've been sending my cranks out to Bill Bune Enterprises and he tears the crank down and I have him put in new bearings and seals. It's not too horribly expensive but it ain't cheap either. One of these days I'm gonna try it on my shop press with a junk crankshaft just to see if I can do it. The big problem is that the crank must be trued up after it is pressed back together.


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