Author Topic: HELP needed re BS 90 Mountain fork springs & BS 90 Std or DeLuxe Serial #  (Read 1392 times)

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I would be most grateful if those with the info could help me with two queries:
1. The BS 90 Mountain (1967) I have has 2 short springs in each front fork - together they are the same length as the one piece spring I have on a BS 50.  Is this normal for the BS90M or should each spring (L & R) be one piece? The BS 90 Std or DeLuxe I have came without BS forks.

2. The BS 90 Std or Deluxe (premix 1967) I have has no aluminium serial number plate - so I am having a repro made.  I need to know the code on the first line of the plate where it says e.g. "BS BRIDGESTONE 90/M" on the mountain model.  What is the abbreviation on the
BS90 Std or DeLuxe model? i.e. "BS BRIDGESTONE 90/?

Thanks Ray
from Australia
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