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Left side crankcase cover


          Here's a question that I've never been able to fully resolve :-   Why did BS deem it unecessary to fit a gasket between the crankcase side and the left hand inner cover ?
         Obviously it doesn't have to contain oil like the right side cover but it is important to keep dust out of the carb chambers. BS fitted gaskets to both outer carb covers and the air filter box.
        The crankcase faces are fully machined so should be dead flat, the inner face of a used spare left inner cover I have, appears to be linished (machine sandpapered) so may not be dead flat, making a gasket even more important.
          Am I missing something, what do others think ?   Should I make a gasket or use sealant?                            Brian.           

I thought the same thing during reassembly many years ago. After studying the parts manual and found no gasket, I just used some gasket maker to seal it up, for the reasoned you mentioned.


If you  ride a lot of miles, the fuel mist that blows back through the carburetors seeps out between the surfaces and stains the clutch side cover and the crankcase cover.

I haven't had those gaskets on mine for years, but occasionally have to use a little brake cleaner to remove the tan/brown stain that collects on the covers.


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