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Leaky Neutral Switch Case Fix

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Just wanted to share an idea on making the Neutral Switch Case leak-free. I got tired of cracking the (old) plastic cases from either installation or engine vibration so I cut a groove in the shifter drum shaft for a #013 (1/16" nominal) o-ring and wrapped teflon tape on the center screw threads. I haven't run with this modification, but bench tested it using kerosine without leaking. I also had some success with using rubber washers under the three mounting screw heads.

- Bob


Bob was unable to post a pic of his fix. He sent it to me and asked if I'd post it, so here it is.

           Great job on fitting an 'o' ring to the change drum. I fitted a neutral switch just last week and within hours was taking it off again to try resealing it. Occurred to me that BS could have so easily installed a seal on the shaft.                     Brian

Thanks Brian.

If you don't want to replace the shift drum (as I am going to do this winter) the teflon tape on the longest screw that can be fit in (13mm) will slow down the leak significantly.

- Bob


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