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Tiny metric screws for GTR

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I'm looking for a good source for the screws on the points plate for the GTR.  Also need the tiny screws in the handlebar switch that holds the small plate that anchors the wiring to the switch.   Hardware store metric screws, altho seeming to be the right diameter, have a different pitch. Thanks in advance!

         Bridgestone used Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws which were the Japanese norm prior to the change to ISO screws in 1972, I think. Hardware store screws will be ISO.  You will know the 6 & 8mm screws have the same pitch in both standards, so can be interchanged.

   However, the smaller JIS screws are harder to find. We have a company in the UK who can supply the 5X0.9mm pitch JIS screws, here    

  Although he advertises 3 & 4mm JIS screws, I believe this refers to the screw head design, not the thread pitch. Check with him before ordering.

  What you need are :-   Points plate,   4 X 0.75mm pitch JIS screws  (ISO is 0.7mm pitch). You can get away with ISO screws for attaching the points, just, because there are only 3 or 4 threads through the back plate. ISO are not suitable for the longer screws that hold the back plate, condensers or the cover. These could be retapped to ISO as a last resort.

                                   Handle bar switches, 3 x 0.6mm pitch JIS screws (ISO is 0.5mm pitch). I have recut ISO screws to JIS before now using a good quality HSS die. Not best practice, I know, but needs must !!
      You could also try Suzuki or Yamaha dealers to see if they have any old stock screws.

     Hope this helps,     Brian.

BRT-GTR: Thanks for the reply and very useful information!

You are correct Brian...the 3mm and 4mm screws that Megapack sells are ISO thread (0.5 and 0.7 respectively)  :(

Steve: So the M3, M4, etc., screws that Mrmegapack lists as "JIS phillips: are in fact  ISO thread?


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