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Hi Everyone, may I introduce myself. I live in Dorset, UK, England and I'm hoping that one kind member may be able to help me.  I'm writing on behalf of an 88 year old gentleman that does not have a computer and therefore can't contact you himself. He is 88 years old, does not have any internet access, BUT, he does have 12 bikes and rides them regularly, ranging from WW2 bikes, a Triumph thunderbird, a Honda 400 four and of course his Bridgestone Dual Twin 175cc, 1966 model year.  He loves the Bridgestone and does all the maintenance on all his bikes and recently two of his bikes were a feature article in Classic motor cycles, UK.
However his only problem with the 175cc Dual twin is that he is unable to find out in any publication, what the correct float height is in the carburettor float chamber. I wonder if one of you clever people would be able to give me that info, so that I can make an 88 year old biker really happy.!
Thank you very mush for reading my first post.

Couldn't find any info on float height in either the service manual or the owners manual here in the downloads.

Got this from another publication...... (make sure bowl gasket is removed when measuring)

On page 45 of the Clymer manual it states that the BS 175 DT float level setting should be 23/32 inch. We use mm in Australia and this converts to 18.26 mm. We changed to metric in 1972. As Mike advises it also states 'measure the distance between gasket seat and top of float with a vernier scale'
I hope this helps

            The gaskets often beak up when removed from carb base.  I would leave them in place and knock 1/32'' off the float height to compensate, 23-1 = 22/32'' or 11/16''. I make that 17.4mm.    Measure float height with float resting on the needle without compressing the spring.  Not a bad idea to apply sealant to float bowl when reattaching, joint tends to leak. Blue Hylomar works well.                               Just a suggestion, Brian.

Many Thanks, Moonpup, Ray and Brian, that is exactly what I was looking for, and Ron, my dear old friend will be over the moon, as he had given up on ever finding the settings. What a great Club, thank you all once again.


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