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Hi my name is Mike I'm in the UK, I am thinking of buying on a Bridgestone Sport 50 that is up for sale on ebay. It has apparently been in storage, never been ridden with 3km on the speedo.

The bike is in Holland so will need crating and shipping, it also has some missing parts, the seat, magneto cover and both tank emblems.

My question is are these parts readily available, there aren't any others for sale that I can compare so am unsure whether the asking price of £1500.00 plus the shipping of around £400.00 is a reasonable price, especially if the parts are prohitably priced.

I do really like the look of the bike however there is no documentation,,,what do you guys think.. Thanks Mike.

If you know what parts are missing, I suggest you contact Richard Clark
to see if he has them and what their prices are.

Good luck


Is this the bike your looking at

My only suggestion is that you communicate with the seller to find out exactly what is missing off this bike. The seat is the obvious item but its hard to tell what else may not be there. I doubt that finding a seat will be overly difficult however, condition could be an issue. There are replica seat covers available on eBay but being in the UK, you may go broke paying import fees on this and any other items needed. That bike has been for sale for what seems like greater than a year.


            This machine was on Ebay a few years ago, with the same description. Was located in Wales at that time, see business sellers details. Seems it's now in the Netherlands.
      Can't really comment on the asking price but it could be cheaper to collect the bike yourself. Depends where you are in the UK.

This 50 Sport looks like an early model with different forks. The lower handlebars and Kilometre speedo look like it was made for the European/Asian market. The full chain case was also on some 50/90 models sold in Australia. My two 1966 50 Sports have the half chain guard and taller handlebars. The tail/stop light is similar to the Aus models without the ? Large separate red reflector.
To  give you an idea what price range, I paid $500AUD for my 1st 50 Sport. It was complete but needed restoration. My 2nd 50 Sport cost $130 AUD with no muffler, seat, headlight, taillight, chain guard and needed a major engine rebuild. The tank was in great nick. They are rarer than 90s and 175s in Australia.


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