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Bridgestone 350 GTR Parts
« on: October 24, 2016, 03:36:10 PM »
Bridgestone 350 GTR Parts

I just parted out a Bridgestone 350 and am preparing to list the parts. If anyone needs parts, let me know. I will be listing on Ebay tomorrow. 

Crank is awesome (no signs heat, rolls smooth, no up/down play on rods, no tortional play, very slight back/forth play.

Both cylinders good but not perfect. Very slight scratch inside right jug but useable as is, unless you are racing. Maybe 15psi drop??

Rear Fender - no bends or scratches, some chrome loss. no deep rust. will need re-chroming... of course.

Seat, not rusted out, stored inside. clips/hooks underneath not rusted. Pan great shape. Re-upholster it... of course.

Tank - solid through and through but has rust inside. No scratches or dents. Petcock there but needs tube and screen. Still seals and moves freely. Clogged up though.

Carbs good and both slide.

Cases good, no stripped threads

Carb cover hairline crack... sorry Charley

Oil pump good.

Tranny and shift assembly both good.

Clutch pack seems good - still need to remove and check over

Have not yet cracked open. Open to selling intact, less work for me.

plus any other pieces/parts you might need.

Not interested in searching/shipping individual tiny parts. Sorry guys/gals. Just don't have time.

Kansas City

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