Author Topic: 1967 bridgestone.. trying to get my dad the bike he had when a kid. please look  (Read 1910 times)

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My dad went into an hour story about his first motorcycle about six months ago... a 1967 bridgestone roadbike 90cc, black, you had to mix the gas and oil yourself, it was an amazing motor, silver gas tank with letters bs on it...  I have been scouring the country for 6 months for this bike and found the exact model  and color 6 hours away... however it is fuel injected...  I am told they made fuel injected and non in that year...  here are my questions..

1.   is that correct they made a non-jected as well?  or did everyone just disconnect the injection back then..
2.  My dad is really raving about the mixing the gas.. should i rule this bike out?  or is the injection when disconnected an identical bike ?
3.  Thats the biggest question.. if the injection is disconnected is it identical to the non -injected bike?
4.  This bike is 2nd owner and wonderful shape, no rust, will I ever  get this close to the original bike again?  how common is this model?  I don't mind watching for a few years... it was meant to be a long project... 
5.  If i have the injection components removed would it then e identical to the non-inj model?

  I just don't want to get him a huge gift like this and have it be close but not exact,  thanks!!

Thanks so much!!!!!!


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It is olil injected, not fuel injected. Most people that had thyem back in the day
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drtracer is right, it was not fuel injected, no production Bridgestone was ever fuel injected as far as I know, they all had carbs.

If you go to this page you can download a sales brochure from 1966:;sa=view;down=43

If you look at the brochure you will see they only mention OIL injection on the 175, but not on any of the smaller models. I would guess that since your Dad said he had to mix oil with the gas that his 90 did not have OIL injection either.

So... I would say that you Dad's bike was neither fuel injected or oil injected. Not that it really matters, it is still a cool little bike.
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Hello,If my kids got me that bike I wouldn't care -oil injected or not- Yes you could remove the injection if you must.I read something in here on that. Get the bike ,you will miss it and buy one that needs $2000 worth of work....Jimmy,90k

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I have a Bridgestone 90 trail 1965 in black(not for sale).
But i know where Dad is coming from these small motorcycle
Are so well made and run very well mine is a pre mix no oil
Pump and oil -injected or not if the Bridgestone is in good
Condition or get it checked out and the price is right!
It will be a fun project for you and your Dad and there
Are plenty of people on the site can help with information
And you can get parts from Richard so good luck with your

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thanks...  yes i made an error i meant to say oil injected...if the oil injector is removed is it an identical bike?  thanks



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