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Suzuki T200 Muffler Search
« on: May 14, 2011, 04:50:18 PM »
I unfortunately more or less recently hijacked a thread in which 175/200 Bridgestone downpipes were the subject of the thread.
On reflection, I thought it best to take my subject to a more appropriate section of the forum, and in the process explain to everyone what I am searching for, and make the appeal if any of you have knowledge of the whereabouts of the parts I am seeking out, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Since this is about "other two strokes", I thought I'd throw this on the table in hopes that some of you 2-stroke enthusiasts might be able to help.

I'm attempting to help an Icelander who owns a Suzuki T200 (one of four in Iceland, I'm told) locate mufflers for the bike he is restoring. Needless to say, parts for anything are seriously lacking in Iceland, let alone for a nearly 45 year old motorcycle. I became acquainted with him in another forum. You can read the thread here if you have interest:
Suzuki T 200 exhaust

Anyway, these one piece header/muffler pipes are proving troublesome to locate. Hope some of you might have some or know of a friend, shop, salvage yard, or breaker who possibly could have some hanging up in the third or fourth room back, so to speak.
Steve Reed has a lead for me, but I'm totally open to considering anything that may be out there and available for sale.

Here's what Björgvin is seeking:

Wanted: Complete exhaust system (headers, mufflers, and mounting hardware) for a 1968 Suzuki T 200/X-5 Invader.
The header pipes and mufflers are a one piece welded together unit.
Must be in decent shape and not rusted through or beat up, with minimal dings and scrapes.
Large, clear, high resolution pics and pricing needed.

14301-10000    RH MUFFLER ASS'Y
14302-10000    LH MUFFLER ASS'Y
14510-10001    BAFFLE PIPE (2, if not included w/mufflers)

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Steve Koontz
Gas City, IN, USA




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