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GTO Production
« on: March 10, 2009, 11:43:46 AM »
In Conversations with Kotaro I have had the understanding that only 1000 Gold 1970 and approx. 500 white 1971 GtO'S where produced.
Letter 1
As I know, The gold GTO was first version made in only November and December 1969.In November 645, and in December 355 was production number.All early GTO is light gold with Chrome fuel tank with small seat logo in silver.Bridgestone made this new model for the request from Rockford motors.And then in 1970 November Bridgestone made it again in their factory, they also changed color and logo design to update for 1970's fashion( GTR: gold and black stripe GTO: peral white and black stripe with Big logo in white) Please let me know your GTO's frame number.It should help to identify it to recover as correct version. Thank you, Kotaro
Letter 2
As far as my research, Bridgestone made GTO early model in November & December 1969, totally 1,000 only 2 months.Bridegstone started to product GTR from June 1967 to July 1968, totally 6782 then stopped to product 350cc linetill November 1969, 15 months then worked again to product early GTO.Again, Bridgestone stopped to product 350cc line till September 1970, 9 months then they started to product last lot of 350cctill March 1971, totally 1,000.I think this is the final production order from Rockford.I do not know how is the rate of GTR:GTO for this time.I just suggested later GTR:GTO = 500:500How do you think about this figure? I suggested total number of GTO is 1,500 around. Thank you, Kotaro
I believe Kotaro to be correct.
I have found articles on the internet that state there where in fact early GTO's.

In the 1970 broacher it states the GTO (New for 1970) also came in Green. Same as the 200 SS.
Has anyone actually seen any of these early GTO'S? I personally like the looks of the blue GTO With the classic BS Badge proudly displayed on the tank.
 Thank You: Tony O.



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