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175 Dual Twin Seat Rebuild
« on: February 24, 2011, 07:52:36 AM »
Hey guys,

Just got done rebuilding my 175 Dual Twin seat.  Original cover had no rips but some of the foam underneath turned to dust at the touch.  Took the old cover off, removed the old foam, making sure to measure the thickness.  Sandblasted and repainted the pan.

Did a lot of research on replacement foam and settled on this:
Healthier Choice Carpet Pad - Blue
5/16" - 10lb density

Ordered a 72" X 24" roll from Caldwell Carpet in Georgia ( ....kinda hard to find a place that will sell a smaller piece like that.  This stuff is very dense and is basically is not rebond foam.

Used part of my old foam as a template and cut out several layers and used spray adhesive for foam to glue them together.

Even though there were no rips or tears in the original cover, it was way too brittle to re-stretch over the new foam.  Ordered a new 175 Dual Twin seat cover from Pit-Replica.  It worked great.  Got it fit and put back together last night.  I'll try to get some pics in the next week or two.

The seat that was on my bike was off of one of the early model 175 Dual had a hump molded into the seat cover right behind where you would sit.  The one I ordered from Pit-Replica was based off an older model 175 Dual Twin that did not have this hump.  TC at Pit-Replica could use my old cover to make one with a hump if anyone is ever interested.  I really didn't need the hump as my seat had been switched sometime in the past and shouldn't have had the hump in the first place.

Anyway, hope this can help someone along the way, thanks!

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