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Title: gtr/gto serial numbers
Post by: coxy on March 10, 2018, 04:45:14 PM
gday all
I was just looking at the serial numbers guide from graham weeks and the numbers only go up to 21wxxx of the gto November 69
unless I've miss read it
I think production ceased in 1971 for the gtr
did the gtr also have serial numbers of 21wxxx or did they cease production of the gtr during the building of the gto ?
are there serial numbers higher than 21wxxx
also said was that the mismatch of numbers could be as high as 200-300 apart  would this be in either direction ? for example my gto frame 06800 could possibly have a 06600 motor from a gtr?
also I will be restoring the gto 06800 in around July if anyone has crank cases numbered as close as possible to 06800 that they would be willing to part with would be greatly appreciated
Title: Re: gtr/gto serial numbers
Post by: BRT-GTR on March 13, 2018, 01:11:20 PM
        Hi Coxy,
        Very pleased to hear you propose to restore 6800, if not the very first production GTO, it is certainly the earliest known model on the planet and it's 'Pole Position' could only be challenged by 18 other GTOs.       The BS world cannot afford to lose this machine  :o.
 Engine numbers seem to vary in either direction from the limited serial numbers we have, so it is entirely possible it could have been built with an engine in the 6600 range. Could be a reworked one left over from earlier GTR production, BS hadn't built a 350 (red) since July 68, 15 months previous. Seems quite possible they would have first used up any surplus motors they still had in stock but only speculating.

    Graham Weeks only listed machines he had good knowledge of, so there are some gaps in his list.
   From the monthly production figures in Moonpups post here:- (  and combining with grahams list.

     Gold chrome GTOs should be W & Z.          Total  1000 built  Nov-Dec 69

     Solid white GTOs  should be J, K, L and likely some Ns.       1000 +   exact figure not yet known. Oct-Dec 1970 & Feb 71?
     Solid gold  GTRs   likely to be some Ns  & final batch March 71, O. ( None built Jan 71 so shouldn't be any Ms).  Total built             less than 1000.     Feb & March 71.          I do have a note of an 'M' lettered white GTRO(yes, really) that I saw at a dealers but was standing on my head trying to read it in a closely packed line of bikes, so am treating it as unreliable. Was a 'bitsa'.
     As previously established there was some crossover in the GTO/GTR production in 1970/71. In my opinion it is unlikely they built GTOs and GTRs on the line at the same time, possibly small batches of either model toward the end of production.

Trust this makes sense and covers your questions. I haven't checked the above serial letters against known machines but hope many come forward to say NO, I have a GTO/GTR with this serial letter, it will help to fill the gaps in our understanding of late 350 production.

     I have an engine numbered 06868 but it's in my July 68 GTR, 21G06738, and I believe it's as originally built, hadn't previously appreciated the engine was in the GTO serial number range.
    I'm still looking for crankcases in the low 8000s for the white GTO.

     Good luck, Brian.
Title: Re: gtr/gto serial numbers
Post by: coxy on March 14, 2018, 03:03:05 PM
thanks Brian
always interesting and confusing
it would be good to be able to talk with someone who actually worked on the production line maybe all the messed up numbers was  only due to the language barrier ?
my early 67 gtr the numbers are out by about 30 I think the other 68 gtr doesn't have the original motor 
my running gto has matching frame and serial id tag

I had forgotten about that post cheers