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Title: Reclaim overpaid import duty or VAT - UK members.
Post by: BRT-GTR on January 20, 2018, 11:20:41 AM
        Recently bought some GTO spares from one of our Aus members and was hit with a £41 import charge by Border Force which I thought was too high. You have to pay before they will deliver the package but you can reclaim any overpayment.
      Our machines and spares are all over 30years old, as such, they are classed as HISTORIC VEHICLES and should attract zero import charge and reduced VAT at 5%. ( I was charged 20%)

   Used the following form to reclaim :- (       N.B. This form only applies to Border Force.

   Keep all the labels off the package and photo copy them, send the originals.....also send invoice or email from seller showing purchase price......also sent a copy of the registration document showing registered as Historic Vehicle and a couple of pages of this sites history document highlighting production ceased in 1971. Also quoted Duty Classification Number 970 5000090.  No forms are returned to you.
      Give it try, it works. After 3 weeks I received a rambling 2 page letter detailing how the charges are normally calculated with no reference to historic vehicles but they did refund the 15% difference in the VAT, approx £25. Not a fortune in this instance but proves it can be done. Might be £100s next time. You don't get the £8 handling fee back.
      Did ask the seller to mark customs declaration as 'Historic Vehicle Parts' which is maybe why I avoided the import duty but they still charged VAT at 20%, which I believe they do as standard and hope you don't notice or are unaware of the reduced rate.

   Can add further details if you are interested,      Brian.
Title: Re: Reclaim overpaid import duty or VAT - UK members.
Post by: RayK on January 20, 2018, 11:02:48 PM
Hi Brian
Interesting story. Our previously named Dept. of Customs and Excise is now called Border Force also. I call it Border Farce, the Bozos that are our current Federal Government made this change costing the taxpayer millions of $ for para miltary uniforms and other pointless nonsense. The same Bozos want to introduce a 10% GST on imports from dollar one. There is currently a tax free limit of $1,000. With the cost of rip off postage it won't be worth buying anything overseas.
Title: Re: Reclaim overpaid import duty or VAT - UK members.
Post by: 666jon on January 21, 2018, 07:30:51 AM
Hi Brian,
Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the reduced rate. It does seem hit and miss as to whether you get caught for charges, I've had both good and bad deals so far.
The last from the USA was via ebay's "Global Shipping Program" and has been a total disaster. Parts were ordered before Christmas and I'm still waiting for them. It was an expensive express delivery service that I had no option but to accept as I really wanted the parts. Ebay select the carriers and they use the cheapest rubbish options(Yodel) in the UK with no contact details and no signature.
The parcel is currently in limbo and I have to wait till it resurfaces!
Bottom line being don't buy anything on "Global Shipping Program"
Title: Re: Reclaim overpaid import duty or VAT - UK members.
Post by: mybridgestones on March 01, 2018, 02:34:02 PM
Crikey, I wish I had known about that.
I've spent a fortune over the years on customs charges.
Title: Re: Reclaim overpaid import duty or VAT - UK members.
Post by: coxy on March 06, 2018, 02:44:49 PM
maybe if you need anything again ill send it as a gift with no $value and pay once you've got it .there has to be away around government rip offs