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early BS90 cheap resto rebuild. finished
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:45:19 PM »
I bought this early BS90 trail at mid ohio last year for $150. motor  was stuck and had obvious issues.. I got it running that weekend and thought it would make a nice pit bike for mid-ohio the next year. I built another BS90 a few years ago, and really liked it as a rider.
the bike had a ton of cosmetic issues, but the bottom  and top end was good.

this bike had many issues, but was not trash.
my goal was not to restore the bike to perfect,  i just wanted to make it into a nice running bike that looked pretty good, while spending the least amount of money possible.
this wasnt a candidate for a sympathetic restoration or a concours restoration, there was a ton of metal loss (pitting)  throughout. I fixed what i could.
here is the bike before:

here is the bike after: sorry the pic is fuzzy.I took the picture in the dark. . I will get a better pic tomorrow.

I stripped the bike down, and sandblasted what i wanted to powdercoat.

new rims/spokes/polished hubs. sorry photo quality is terrible.  also rebuilt forks.
chrome rims were from honda CT110 i think. redrilled/re-spoked/ trued and balanced. didnt want to spend $180 on alloy rims.

parts back from powdercoat. i powdercoated bars/etc to fill the pitting on the oddball 3/4" bars.

parts to be painted. did some metal work, lined tank with caswell.

everything that was plated was crap, so i re-plated/zinc'd /polished/etc.

my costs. I asked my painter to do it cheap, I was doing my best to keep costs down. he didn't, but he did a great job as he always does.

without paint cost, the entire cost was $600 plus my time.

I'll try to take some better pictures of the bike tomorrow.

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Re: early BS90 cheap resto rebuild. finished
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 11:10:03 PM »
The numbers do start to add up quickly, but I think you have a nice looking bike which can be used for fun!
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Re: early BS90 cheap resto rebuild. finished
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2017, 11:43:00 PM »

I've done many builds from destroyed bikes in the past. typically, I buy multiple parts bikes and build what I can from what I have.   this is without a doubt the lowest cost semi-restoration i've done.

the cost versus enjoyment/performance factor  on the bs90s is very high. 



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