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175 & 200 Talk / Re: Racer Resurrection
« Last post by bsracer on Yesterday at 11:28:45 AM »
Hi Al.

I need to make some new throttle cables for my current set up (22mm)  and for some 24mm carbs I want to try. Here's some pics of how I run the cables. I usually have a zip tie loose on the clutch, throttle and front brake. I use a throttle off a YZ85 or RM85 to a splitter under the tank. I put some aircraft cable/wire hangers on the frame with big enough loops to let the cables move if they need to.

175 & 200 Talk / Re: Racer Resurrection
« Last post by al_pritchard on January 16, 2018, 07:30:28 PM »
Weekend Update!

This weekend was all about cables. Throttle and clutch - brake cable should happen next weekend.

Throttle cables were rather simple. Bought two universal throttle kits from Venhill, and assembly was pretty easy. Although I couldn't find an end fitting exactly like ours. I did fing a "Trumpet Nipple" that could be made to work.

A 1" copper end makes a simple crucible to melt the solder.

Nice little birds nest

Quick dunk in the solder, and a little filing

I took the throttle cables out a little far to help avoid any interference when turning.

Would love some thoughts on how to run the clutch cable. Again going to run long to prevent any interference when turning. But the cable always seems to end up under the throttle. Perhaps a loos zip-tie to the fork leg?

And Paul. I still owe you a phone call. Got a little distracted this weekend.
Members: Introduce yourself / Re: new member bridgestone 90
« Last post by RayK on January 16, 2018, 02:02:03 PM »
Yes the tanks on the 50/60 and 1967 Trail/Mountain/Deluxe and SR 90/100/175 are the same shape. The 90/100 Sport models have a longer shape.
350 Talk / Crazy digital mutimeter.
« Last post by husker on January 16, 2018, 02:01:23 PM »
Happy New Year Everyone! When I tried to check voltage on my 350 running verses not running the voltage reading would be all over the scale when it was running. Then I discovered that I didn't even have to hook it up and it would do the same thing just had to get within 2 feet of the bike. Tried it with another digital meter and it did the same thing.  Started a Honda up and that had no effect on the meters.  Haven't tried an analog meter. It does keep the battery charged up but what is going on?........Rod
175 & 200 Talk / Re: Timing Marks?
« Last post by BRT-GTR on January 16, 2018, 01:19:36 PM »
                 See Page 23 of the aftermarket Clymer manual in the download section, mentions the fibre gear, it looks like your  timing marks are correctly lined up. I guess a previous owner has marked the fibre idler gear.
            The timing pin should drop into the timing hole when one of the points open, not necessarily exactly when the timing marks line up although it will be near as you have found. Check the points opening against the timing hole, you should find it is correct or very close (could need adjusting).
Members: Introduce yourself / Re: new member bridgestone 90
« Last post by mqtsteve on January 16, 2018, 10:11:39 AM »
Your bike is from April 1966.  The single saddle is common on the Bridgestone 90 Mountain with the small painted rack.  Your bike may be a combination of a couple models?
Thanks for the photos!  I see what you mean now.  Is the rounded tank used on the BS50/60's?  My trail and mountain both have the flat sided tanks.  I have one extra tank with flat sides too.  Sorry for hijacking your thread Mitch.  Steve
General Discussion / Dan Gurney
« Last post by Mike Anderson on January 16, 2018, 09:28:28 AM »
Everything motorized lost a good representative, Dan Gurney just passed. Sorry to see him go, but he is in a better place now.
See ya Dan
175 & 200 Talk / Timing Marks?
« Last post by TangoZulu on January 15, 2018, 04:28:50 PM »
 So, time to disassemble the engine. But before I pull it apart, I want to know I'll be putting it together again so it will run: i.e. timed correctly. After pulling the right crankcase cover, I discover stamped dots on ALL of the gears. One on the Alternator, two on the fiber idler gear, one on the drive gear and two on the clutch gear ring. Woohoo. First of all, the pictures in the "Technical Handbook" look nothing like my gears (earlier model apparently. my '70 is model 16R.....) The dealer service letter says there are "no marks" on the idler gear. Not! So, if I spin it a bunch, I eventually wind up with a line up of dots that looks purposeful (photo). But is this correct? When they are lined up thus, the timing indentation on the flywheel is about an inch away from the "pin" (a shiny new wheel adjustor bolt) in the timing hole. So, when I put it together, how are all these timing dots supposed to look? What's the relevance to the timing mark on the flywheel? HELP!
Members: Introduce yourself / Re: new member bridgestone 90
« Last post by RayK on January 15, 2018, 02:40:05 AM »
Steve, as requested

IMG 3623 : 1966 Feb early Mountain (flat sided tank)

IMG 2590 : 1967 Pre-mix Mountain

IMG 3417 : 1967 Oil Injected Mountain
Members: Introduce yourself / Re: new member bridgestone 90
« Last post by hmk on January 15, 2018, 01:59:41 AM »
hi I got the vin numbers of the bridgestone  on the frame it has 12D058484 and on the frame neck it has KW080033 and on the motor it has 12D058171 also just a question was it very common for bridgestones to have single seats with rack?
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