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The SR175 just had the guide pin in the 5th gear shift fork permanently pinned inward to the shift drum groove, preventing the drum from rotating past fifth, as if the external lever on the DT175 was in the return shift position. Nothing more than a drilled hole in the fifth gear shift fork and a cotter pin.
175 & 200 Talk / Re: Parts availability - in the UK.
« Last post by OldSwartout on Today at 06:40:33 PM »
I thought so.
175 & 200 Talk / Re: Parts availability - in the UK.
« Last post by mybridgestones on Today at 04:18:12 PM »
Yes Karl, you're right - i actually meant that.
I have a BS50 Sport that's next in line for a full restoration after I finish my current 350 project.  My BS50 DOES have a rotary transmission.  I don't have it disassembled yet so I don't know if the stopper boss on the Taka would work on the 50 Sport. 

The stopper boss is just a mechanical stop piece that physically won't let the drum turn again in the rotary function which would allow it to go back to neutral after fourth gear. 

Jack, you might want to check with those on this site that have a SR100 factory racer as these bikes were also equipped with the stopper boss for the 90/100 rotary transmission.   They could give you an idea if the stopper boss would also work on your BS50 transmission but you might have to post a picture of the neutral switch end of that trans shaft.   If so, Richard might have them available for purchase.

Someone with a SR175 might also be able to let us know if their transmission includes the stopper boss.  I'm not familiar with their transmissions but Bridgestone may have also configured this factory racer with some type of stopper device.
        Just had a look at the dealer manual for the 50/60 sport models.  Although not clearly stated, it looks from the gear change drawings that they do have a rotary change mechanism.  Can anyone confirm this ?  I can see now why you posted your query,.                                                           Brian.
Chibi, Tora, Taka Talk / Re: converting rotary transmission to return-type
« Last post by JackA on Today at 11:28:34 AM »
Thanks, CL.


I'm not sure if this will help you but the link above is from a thread I started some time back.  I was assembling a 100cc engine from a box of parts and ran across a "shift stopper boss" that is found on the Taka.  It stops the rotary shift function of the drum, making it a conventional four down, four up transmission.
General Discussion / Re: 1968 350GTR
« Last post by Steve Swan on Yesterday at 11:39:16 PM »
Is the GTR still available for sale?  if so, please contact me at sandcast232 at geemale dot kom  thanks in advance.  steve swan
Chibi, Tora, Taka Talk / Re: converting rotary transmission to return-type
« Last post by JackA on Yesterday at 07:11:12 PM »
By the way, for those who may be interested in this topic, since my further pleas for help (and maybe an eventual build thread) will continue to be small engine related and not really about the Chibi or Tora models otherwise, I think I will confine my further posting to the 50, 60, 90, 100 section.

Chibi, Tora, Taka Talk / Re: converting rotary transmission to return-type
« Last post by JackA on Yesterday at 06:44:14 PM »
Thanks, Brian.  Given the dearth of 50cc "vintage" racing ("post classic" to you, perhaps) in the US, I'm not surprised that there's much more lore about the 175s than the little ones on this board.  I thought the Chibi had a rotary box, as well as the Sport 50 and 60, while only the Tora (among the little engines) had a return type shift -- but  I have lots more reading in the manuals to do!  Lucky to have them here, too.


P.S.  And upon going back to the Chibi/Tora manual, I see that the Chibi does have a return box!  I may have been paying too little attention since it's only 3 speeds, and since I need to end up with 50cc I have been looking more for Sport 50 motors.  Thanks for the prompting!
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