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350 Talk / Re: GTO coulor
« Last post by AlanJohn on Today at 04:46:51 PM »
If it's in the uk it's mine
Llife's but a game play it to win who cares at the end of the day none of it really matters
Enjoy it while you can
Kind regards
350 Talk / Re: GTO coulor
« Last post by moonpup on Today at 04:26:15 PM »
On a side note Alan, you appear to be cornering the market on GTO's over yonder!

Yea... GTO Power!  8)
350 Talk / Re: GTO coulor
« Last post by moonpup on Today at 04:21:21 PM »
Remember there was a gold model with black stripes too, not chromed tank

Yes, but that was the 71 GTR and not a GTO....  ;)
350 Talk / Re: GTO coulor
« Last post by Bridgestone Man on Today at 03:32:41 PM »
Remember there was a gold model with black stripes too, not chromed tank

350 Talk / Re: GTO coulor
« Last post by moonpup on Today at 02:34:22 PM »
The correct color combo will be determined by the  vin# on the little tag under the seat.

If the bike is a 70 model, it should have a gold & chrome tank, with gold side covers that have the white & gold emblems on them and a seat with the smaller font logo/lettering. 

If it's a 71, it should have the solid white tank with black stripes, white side covers with the black & gold emblems and a seat with the large font logo/lettering.
General Discussion / GTO coulor
« Last post by AlanJohn on Today at 01:28:21 PM »
I've just bought another GTO does anyone know if the tank should be chromed or did they do some in plain red if it should be chromed l'll redo it if not l'll leave alone as its quite nice as it is
There's a picture of it in the gallery thanks very much
350 Talk / GTO coulor
« Last post by AlanJohn on Today at 12:23:45 PM »
I've just bought myself another Gto does anyone know if it should have a chromed tank or did they make one all red there's a picture of it on the gallery
Also the side panels have the Gto in White and gold whereas others l've seen are in black l do have spares of each do you know if they're used on the red ones in either colours
If it's meant to be chrome ll redo it if not I will leave it as its quite nice as it is
Kind regards
350 Talk / Bead blasted parts sealing
« Last post by Tom Meadows on Yesterday at 04:54:35 PM »
My favorite technique for sealing bead blasted parts was shown to me in the late seventies. The problem is that once the bead blasting opens up the pores  in the aluminum  it will collect fingerprints, dust and anything else near it. Liberally hosing it with WD 40 immediately after blasting seals the pores with what is a clear oil that can be mostly wiped off and also leaves a thin barrier against dirt and grease. This has served me well for many years,and it only darkens the color of the aluminum very slightly initially, but very evenly as well.

I suspect there may be modern clear powder coats  that are worth looking into.

175 & 200 Talk / Re: Racer Resurrection
« Last post by bsracer on Yesterday at 11:25:52 AM »
Very Cool Al.

Congrats on the new house. I like both the idea of bar and workshop down below. I have a friend who once lived in a house (in San Diego) that had a trap door in the living room floor that went down to a bar with pool table in the basement.

I've slowed up on things a bit too. The guy I was building the motor(s) for pulled the plug. I was still in mid production on a bunch of parts. One set of heads was for me one for him. The rotary valve covers aren't done yet and I still need to move forward of the ignition. This sets me back a bunch of $$$ so I'll just try and regroup next year. I will try out one set of the new heads at Barber in October. I hope to get them on in the next week or two and replace the ignition gear that failed.

The pics are of the two new sets of heads. First is 12:1 with a 10cc trap volume (I think?) and the second 14:1 with a 8.8cc volume. Both are set up for a zero deck height.

350 Talk / Re: GTR cylinder paint?
« Last post by hardy on August 21, 2017, 05:04:16 PM »
On my RD400, I painted my cylinders with a high temp engine paint. It is just showing signs of starting to flake at the fin ends after 5 years, I preped the cylinders by sand blasting first.

If you were to vapour/bead/soda blast the barrels, the results are good but over time I guess the dirt would inpregnate the Ali and cause blemishes. My experiences are limited, but the carbs I did for my RD400 still look nice.

I Too am Interested in Keeping blasted components clean...Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in?
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