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350 Talk / Re: GTR main harness routing.
« Last post by czmike on Yesterday at 07:29:04 PM »

Hi Ken,

The three photos attached, from my rusty but un-touched GTR, will help you I'm sure.

Best Regards,

Mike Munday,
Seaford, Australia

350 Talk / License plate supporter on ebay
« Last post by Jeff McBrayer on Yesterday at 10:13:52 AM »
I seem to remember someone was looking for a nice license plate holder.  Richard has a nice one on ebay now.

Jeff McBrayer
OFF TOPIC not Bridgestone related / Re: 1967 yamaha R1 grand prix
« Last post by BRT-GTR on October 18, 2017, 08:11:07 AM »
          A nice item of motorcycle history from the mid 60's.  Definately too many similarities for it to be coincidence !! including the abilty to swap the gear lever/rear brake over to either side which Yamaha claimed as a first. BS won the styling stakes, though, with this one but as we all know Yamaha went on to dominate the motorcycling world with their 350s.
          Spoke to a guy recently at a show who had a Kawasaki 67, A1-R (250) which he had raced back in the late 60s. Had made his own barrels and liners to convert it to 350 and enjoyed some sucess against the factory bikes. Got talking about disc valves and the BS GTR. He was firmly of the opinion that BS had been instructed to cease motorcycle production by the Japanese government but couldn't remember where he had learned this. Would make some sense, a strategic decision to avoid losing a major rubber producer ?. Anyone else heard this one?
350 Talk / Re: GTR main harness routing.
« Last post by BRT-GTR on October 17, 2017, 05:04:01 PM »
         Sorry, can't post a photo at the moment, sure someone will.

         The main harness runs to the left side of the top frame tube, sitting on top of the left coil bracket.
    At the front end it drops down across the back of the horn where it picks up the ignition switch connections and then loops between the front down tubes and under the bottom of the triple tree to enter the smaller bottom hole in the headlamp bucket.

   The back end goes up over the groove where the top tube meets the seat tube, then down under bracket that holds the tank rear bolt. It comes out through the large oval hole at the top of the battery holder and into the abyss !! above the toolbox. Try to route the connections near the rectifier as direct as posible to their matching leads coming in from the alternator, rear brake, battery etc. Untwist any crossed up leads and thread them through neatly, keeping them clear of the rectifier where possible. This avoids the birds nest you usually see and makes working on them much easier in the future.
 Same in the headlight, try to move the wires to where they meet the wires comimg in from larger grommet and the head light unit. Just makes it a lot easier to connect everything correctly, if you are not having to thread wires through a birds nest.
         Hope this makes sense,  Brian.
General Discussion / Re: cranky
« Last post by BRT-GTR on October 17, 2017, 04:16:38 PM »
            Even the half moon type pullers exert the pull on the outer race but that's ok as long as you dont have to use a hammer to get the bearings moving on the shaft. It's hammering that will dent the races and drastically shorten the life of the bearing.
        Clean the shaft, maybe a light rub with very fine wet or dry paper and oil the shaft before pulling.
I've pulled the outer crank bearings before now to replace the crank seals and reused them without any problems.
OFF TOPIC not Bridgestone related / 1967 yamaha R1 grand prix
« Last post by coxy on October 16, 2017, 04:00:59 AM »
ebay item# 202074510714
ive never seen one of these before there's some similarity's  so who copied who
sorry I cant send a link
350 Talk / Re: Hurricane left running
« Last post by OldSwartout on October 14, 2017, 09:01:52 PM »
It may have gotten hot, but it could be simpler.  Many bikes don't generate enough current to keep up with ignition use until 2000 rpm or higher, especially older bikes. The Bridgestone 175s have notoriously poor charging systems, so check compression before getting too worried. Depending on the state of your battery, it may have just gotten low on voltage and no longer fired the plugs well enough. The excess smoking is curious as overheating a 2-stroke shouldn't make it smoke any extra unless it got so hot (into the 400+ range) it damaged the right side rotary valve center seal and pulls oil from the transmission.
Engine / Re: Help Disconnecting Carb From Choke BS90 Trail
« Last post by old smokey on October 14, 2017, 07:40:25 PM »
That's a nice looking bike to take the credit for!
350 Talk / Re: Hurricane left running
« Last post by nysz1b on October 14, 2017, 07:15:18 PM »
My guess is that you were just short of seizure, and probably damaged the rings and bore. You'd probably find on dis-assemly excessive clearance between the rings and the cylinder, and noticeable scoring on the pistons and cylinder.
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